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Immerse Yourself In The Territory

The strategic location of Hotel Villa Nabila allows you to reach cities of art, natural beauty and museums in a few minutes by car. We are at your disposal to make your moments of leisure and relaxation pleasant and unique.



Immerse Yourself In The Territory

The strategic location of Hotel Villa Nabila allows you to reach cities of art, natural beauty and museums in a few minutes by car. We are at your disposal to make your moments of leisure and relaxation pleasant and unique.

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Hotel Villa Nabila is located in a strategic position to reach the main fairs in the area: just three minutes from the Reggiolo motorway exit, in 50 minutes you can reach Verona Fiere, Parma Fiere and Bologna Fiere from Verona, Mantua in 30 minutes and in ten minutes from the Millenary Fair of Gonzaga.
Villa Nabila is the ideal solution for those who want to experience the fair in absolute tranquility and relaxation, with a healthy, regenerating rest and a healthy breakfast full of our specialties.


The Hotel Villa Nabila was born from the skilful and faithful renovation of an 18th century country villa, built by the Counts Cattanei-Facchini but known by all as Villa Manfredini, from the name of the family who bought it. It is a place full of charm and magic, capable of attracting many lovers of beautiful things over time, including some famous people, such as the movie director Federico Fellini, who stopped here at the end of the ‘80s. Next to Villa Manfredini, you can admire the “Rocca” of Reggiolo (a castle), in the past one of the most important fortifications in the Reggio Emilia area towards that of Mantua. Built around the ancient medieval tower of 1242, the fortress is surrounded by a 40-meter-long wall and over the centuries it has been the symbol and vital center of Reggiolo. Recent restorations at the end of the twentieth century have allowed its reopening to the public and its use in some community events. Other suggestive places that deserve a visit in Reggiolo are the oratory of San Venerio, dedicated to the patron saint of the town, the municipal theater “Giovanni Rinaldi” and the Gonzaga court Aurelia, a magnificent rural complex with an open courtyard located at a distance of 1 km from Reggiolo along the road to Novellara. A significant place from a historical point of view is Bondeno di Roncore-Bondanazzo di Reggiolo, where Countess Matilde di Canossa, vice queen of Italy, spent the last months of her life and died on 24 July 1115.

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Guastalla is a village in the Bassa Reggiana located on the right bank of the Po river, at the crossroads between the cities of Reggio Emilia, Parma and Mantua.

The monuments and symbolic buildings of the city still communicate to the visitor the sumptuous past of this small Emilian capital.

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Mantua has been a Unesco heritage site since 2008, capital of culture in 2016, a city of great historical and artistic importance. The Renaissance city center and a suggestive landscape given by the lakes that surround it, help to make it ideal for a romantic getaway or a family trip out of town.

The Gonzagas, lords of Mantua from 1300 and in the following centuries, were great promoters of art and culture. Tangible legacy of their wealth are the Ducal Palace, a palace made up of numerous buildings and in fact one of the largest complexes in Europe, and Palazzo Te, a building from the 1500s full of frescoed rooms and now home to the civic museum.

The Sordello, Broletto and delle Erbe squares are also suggestive; the towers, vaults and bridges contribute to making Mantua a city with an atmosphere suspended in time!

There are many initiatives that are offered every month in our small but lively city, such as concerts, exhibitions and festivals (the Literature and Festive Jazz festivals are very popular).

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Parma is the Capital of Culture 2020.

Its center, full of artistic masterpieces, spacious green areas, small and large treasures from different eras, welcomes visitors and citizens in the refined atmosphere of a small capital. The presence of music in the history of the city is varied and richly known: the vivacity of initiative and collective passion rightly assign it a prominent place among the capitals of music. The gastronomic tradition that offers, in addition to world famous cold cuts and cheeses, also excellent first courses of fresh pasta is high level. Parma was in fact nominated Creative City of Gastronomy Unesco in 2015. Any time of the year is the right one to visit Parma!

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Modena is a city on a human scale where the charm of history is combined with modern creations and a stop allows you to discover ancient flavors and music in the city’s theaters. Perfectly inserted in the urban context of the historic center, the Luciano Pavarotti Municipal Theater stands out.

The center of Modena gravitates around the Via Emilia, just as in the past the Roman city developed on the consular road.

In Modena there are numerous churches, full of masterpieces, from the oldest Santa Maria della Pomposa in the homonymous square, the heart of the Modenese nightlife, to the Baroque churches such as San Biagio, Sant’Agostino called Pantheon of the Estensi, up to San Vincenzo, where the Este tombs.

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Reggio Emilia

Reggio Emilia is known as the City of the Tricolor flag because here, in 1797, the banner was adopted which later became the national flag. Matilde di Canossa, in the 11th century created her own county in Reggio Emilia; in the Renaissance, important figures left their footprints here from Boiardo to Ariosto, the great poet of Orlando Furioso.

Today renowned for its gastronomy and quality of life Reggio is also a city of art with the seventeenth-century Basilica della Ghiara and the famous Municipal Theater as a flag. For those traveling on the A1 motorway, the innovative and contemporary spirit of Reggio Emilia is clearly visible in the bridges built by architect Santiago Calatrava, to act as a counterpoint to the Mediopadana High Speed ​​Station.

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Verona, a magical city where art, history and culture come together to give you wonderful memories.

The historic center of Verona is undoubtedly a place full of characteristic places that are worth visiting at any time of the year. The ideal starting point can only be the very central Piazza Bra. Here you can admire the ancient walls of the Verona Arena, home to one of the most famous opera festivals in Europe each year, and the Portoni della Bra. The other many monuments of the city can be reached with a pleasant walk that will leave you speechless at every step. Perhaps starting from Corso Porta Nuova, the shopping street of Verona, which connects Piazza Bra to Piazza Erbe.

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Crossroads between the provinces of Reggio Emilia, Modena and Mantua, the Hotel Villa Nabila is the ideal starting point for itineraries and visits to the adjacent areas to discover the great historical, artistic and cultural treasures of this corner of Italy. Evocative nature trails open in the Lower Reggio area, where small villages with rural atmospheres – Boretto with its small river port, Gualtieri with the marvelous Bentivoglio square and Novellara with its Gonzaga Fortress just to name a few – offer the visitor the most authentic side of the ‘Emilia. From the Novellara valleys, one of the most important landscaped areas in Emilia, there are some lovely naturalistic oases, such as those of Ca ‘dei Frati and Celestina. Stories and memories of the twentieth century are the protagonists of the Modenese border territories, where Carpi stands out with the third largest square in Italy (Piazza dei Martiri), the “Baetta” rice fields and the Deported Museum. Going up the banks of the Secchia river and slowly approaching the Mantua province, the small villages of Moglia and San Benedetto Po with the Polirone Abbey are also worth a visit. Lovers of cities of art will find Reggio Emilia, Modena and Mantua, nominated Italian Capital of Culture in 2016, among the most interesting destinations.

The Food Valley

Emilia has always been the home of gourmets, thanks to its extraordinary wealth of DOP, IGP products and its traditional recipes.

Next to Reggiolo it is possible to taste and buy local specialties such as balsamic vinegar, Parmigiano Reggiano, fresh pasta, Lambrusco and typical salami.